standard sizes of needle rollers (NRA,NRB)loose,bearing pins dowels or shafts ! standard sizes of cylindrical rollers precision products!

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standard sizes of needle rollers (NRA,NRB)loose,bearing pins dowels or shafts ! standard sizes of cylindrical rollers precision products!

needle rollers producers are precision parts of needle rollers bearing. they are mainly used as bearing rolling elements. end configurations include flat, spherical,and cone shaped. they can also serve as precision shafts or as locating pins in some applications etc.

we have over 20 years of manufacturing experience of precision needle rollers,cylindrical rollers and tapered rollers or in china. we specialize in super short rollers and superfine needles,not any one of the manufacturers had so much stocks as us.

we supply high quality manufactured needle rollers in hardened steel, in both inch and metric sizes. dowel pins are available in pull and plain design. we also custom manufacture special dowel pins to your specification, and will be pleased to offer our quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements.

for the manufacturing process, production new rollers need huge quantities. we had such stock, delivery time: send to europe, USA, or canada only 3-5 work days.

the table is priority standard sizes of needle rollers,more stock or detail,such as diameter 0.5,1 2,3,4,5,6,7,8(mm)etc. please E-mail to me.

we also manufactures precision cylindrical rollers and needle rollers according to customer's drawing.

standard sizes of needle rollers and cylindrical rollers

loose needle rollers,cylindrical pins, needle rolling elements,
1x5.8 1x6.8 1x7.8 1x9.8
1.5x5.8 1.5x6.8 1.5x7.8 1.5x9.8 1.5x11.8 1.5x13.8
2x6.8 2x7.8 2x9.8 2x11.8 2x13.8 2x15.8 2x17.8 2x19.8
2.5x7.8 2.5x9.8 2.5x11.8 2.5x13.8 2.5x15.8 2.5x17.8 2.5x19.8 2.5x21.8
3x9.8 3x11.8 3x13.8 3x15.8 3x17.8 3x19.8 3x21.8 3x23.8
3x25.8 3x27.8 3x29.8
3.5x11.8 3.5x13.8 3.5x15.8 3.5x17.8 3.5x19.8 3.2x21.8 3.5x23.8 3.5x25.8
3.5x27.8 3.5x29.8 3.5x34.8
4x11.8 4x13.8 4x15.8 4x17.8 4x19.8 ;4x21.8 4x23.8 4x25.8
4x27.8 4x29.8 4x34.8 4x39.8
5x15.8 5x17.8 5x19.8 5x21.8 5x23.8 5x25.8 5x27.8 5x29.8
5x34.8 5x39.8 5x49.8
6x17.8 6x19.8 6x21.8 6x23.8 6x25.8 6x27.8 6x29.8 6x34.8
6x39.8 6x49.8 6x59.8
loose needle roller,cylindrical rolers, needle rolling elements, needle bearing,precision needles rollers

standard sizes of cylindrical rollers

loose needle rollers, precision rollers,cylindrical pins,
1x11.2x1.21.5x1.52x2 2.2x2.22.5x2.53x13x1.5
3x23x2.23x2.53x2.7 3x33.5x54x64.5x4.5
5x55x105.5x86x8 6x126.5x97x107.5x7.5
7.5x118x109x99x14 10x1111x1111x1512x14
13x1314x1415x1515x22 16x1717x1718x1818x26
19x2020x2021x2122x22 22x3424x2424x3625x36
26x2828x2830x3032x32 34x3436x3638x3840x40
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