loose steel cylindrical rollers! high super precision ceramic cylindrical rollers, cylindrical rolling elements for bearing ! miniature needle rollers,crossed bearing rollers, cylindrical pins manufacture!

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where's miniature cylindrical thrust bearings rollers sizes, cylindrical pins supplier? how to buy high super precision cylindrical rollers, cylindrical rolling elements for bearing?

we are specialized in super short cylindrical rollers,such as: D1.5*L1.5, D1.5*L1.2, D1.5*L1.0,D2*L2, D2*L1.5, D2*L1.0 etc. only a few manufacturers can fabricate such short rollers.

the cylindrical rollers, it is meaning the outer surface is substantially straight and parallel to the axi of the roller. the cylindrical rollers are precision parts for bearing. precision cylindrical rollers are mainly used as bearing rolling elements to transmit torque and reduce friction. In addition, they can also be served as precision shafts or as precision locating pins in some applications

we are specialized in offering a wide range of cylindrical rollers in the national as well as international markets. the cylindrical rollers, offered by us, are accessible in different sizes as per the requirement of our valued customers. steel cylindrical rollers are remarkable for their high mechanical strength and long lasting functional life. we are counted among the key industrial cylindrical roller supplier in china. besides, we have also earned wide appreciation as original equipment manufacturer supplier from bearings

cylindrical rollers are used in automotive transmissions, universal joints, front wheel drives, constant velocity joints water pump bearings, roller clutches, rollerized cam lifters, rocker arms, cam rollers, starter drives and as pins and dowels for various applications.

standard sizes of cylindrical roller elements

cylindrical rollers,columnar rollers, bearings parts
1x11.2x1.21.5x1.52x2 2.2x2.22.5x2.53x13x1.5
3x23x2.23x2.53x2.7 3x33.5x54x64.5x4.5
5x55x105.5x86x8 6x126.5x97x107.5x7.5
7.5x118x109x99x14 10x1111x1111x1512x14
13x1314x1415x1515x22 16x1717x1718x1818x26
19x2020x2021x2122x22 22x3424x2424x3625x36
26x2828x2830x3032x32 34x3436x3638x3840x40
40x4545x4545x5050x50 50x4055x5560*5060x60
precision cylindrical rollers for bearings, roller bearings parts, cylindrical rolling elements

sizes of loose high super short cylindrical rolles

loose cylindrical rolles,precision rollers,bearing rollers
cylindrical rollersmm bearing rollersmm loose rollersmm
loose cylindrical rolles,super short rollers,precision rollers,bearing rollers, mini rollers,

technical parameters of cylindrical rollers

cylindrical columnar rollers,cylindrical rolling elements
diameter tolerance +0/-0.005, +0/-0.003, +0/-0.002, grouping for 0.001mm or 0.0005mm
length tolerance +/-0.015, +/-0.01, +0/-0.015, +/-0.005,+0/-0.005
radius R0.03-R0.3
parallelism 0.01, 0.005
perpendicularity 0.01, 0.005
circularity 0.001
cylindricity 0.001
roughness Ra0.1
precision cylindrical rollers for bearings, roller bearings parts, cylindrical rolling elements
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