serrated drive pins for workholding,lathes, grinders,milling machines suppliers! head drive pins fasteners, live dead centers,face drivers,center points in china!

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what's hammer drive pins,live dead centers,face drivers,center points? where's serrated drive pins for workholding,lathes, grinders,milling machines manufacturers?

drive pins for torque transmission onto the workpiece by grinding soft and hardened workpieces. for soft workpiece we apply drive pins made of hardened hss comprising a chisel. they are characterized by high wear-resistance as well as maximum torque transmission. for hardened workpieces we apply drive pins that are diamond coated. they are characterized by a high friction coefficient.

centers points ensure the accuracy of a face driver. made from the highest quality steels and through hardened. center points ensures proper centering with the high accuracy. available in multiple sizes for different center hole configurations and can be spring loaded, or fixed in a face driver ensuring the proper datum for your workpiece.

retaining adapters are used to mount face drivers to machine spindles of lathes, grinders, and other production machines. adapters are made from the highest quality steels and manufactured to strict tolerances to deliver the most accuracy possible. reducing sleeves let you change your taper in your headstock or tailstock to accommodate other tapers, these are manufactured to gage quality accuracies and are through hardened.

live centers are typically located in tailstocks of lathes, grinders and other production machines which support workpieces. live centers have a solid taper design matched with the highest quality bearings with high axial and radial capacities. this improves rigidity and strength reducing error to help eliminate chatter.

maintaining the centerline throughout strict manufacturing process their live centers ultimately hold true referring to our slogan meaning accuracy is life for longer lasting live centers. designed with tight tolerances especially for clamping with face drivers and for grinding applications that require the highest accuracy needed, live centers is the best choice available.

clamp shafts between centers to expose the entire length of the workpiece so you can machine the shaft in a single application. operated by the thrust from the tailstock or headstock mechanical face drivers have quick change components with an interlocking mechanism so the face driver becomes a solid driving fixture with no movement reducing vibration, and harmonics to help eliminate chatter. this produces maximum torque for deeper cuts, maximum speeds and feeds. providing a constant datum point from the face or center hole of your shafts. which produces high true running accuracy retaining the center line of the workpiece for the best quality part possible.

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