titanium(TA1,TA2,TC4) bolts, nuts, screws, washers, studs, fasteners manufacture. molybdenum rings,coils, strips, rollers, blocks! tungsten rods pins, bars, plates, sheets, targets!

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what's titanium(TA1,TA2,TC4) bolts, nuts, screws, washers, studs, fasteners? where's molybdenum or tungsten targets,rods, bars, plates, sheets, rings, coils, strips, blocks supplier?

looking for titanium screws, nuts and bolts? you've come to the right place! we offers a dazzling range of titanium screws in different head styles, sizes and lengths. titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter! used by top-tier race teams to reduce weight, titanium parts are ultra trick and highly effective.

titanium is used by top tier race teams to shave weight. titanium is just as strong as stainless steel but 45% lighter! common applications are titanium rotor bolts, titanium caliper bolts and titanium cush drives but virtually all stainless steel bolts can be replaced with a titanium screw.

we also offers titanium parts for specific applications such as titanium brake rotor bolts, titanium brake caliper bolts, titanium cush drive pins, and even titanium nuts and washers. titanium rotor bolt lets you replace your stock stainless steel with bolts that are just as strong but 45% lighter!

weight savings with titanium caliper bolts prevents corrosion titanium caliper bolts are probably the easiest way to start saving weight with titanium components. make sure you know the length you need when you're ordering, length varies according to application and rotor size. these caliper bolts are great with the ultra high end monoblock brake calipers.

titanium alloys aeronautical applications because of their high strength-to-weight ratio. through innovation in very diverse markets, production of titanium significantly increased making the material much more readily available. this increase in production has lowered costs allowing even more industries to utilize its unique combination of strength, weight, and corrosion resistance.

titanium alloys bridge the gap between the properties of steel and aluminum and are used in such varied applications as satellites, plating racks, cryogenic storage vessels, saline water conversion units, wet chlorine gas piping, seawater pumps, pulp and paper production, airplanes, yachts, jewelry, eyeglass frames, golf clubs, high current superconductors, off-shore drilling equipment, dental implants, and hip and knee replacements.

if you're reducing weight with a new set of wheels, make sure to get the matching titanium cush drive pins. the cush drive is a rotating mass so weight reduction here will also reduce the gyroscopic effect of the wheels yielding better performance. go all out with titanium nuts and washers. the more stainless steel components you can replace the lighter your bike! used by top racers!

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