molybdenum(Mo1,TZM,TZC) wires, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, studs, fasteners manufacture tungsten rings,coils, strips, rollers, blocks! titanium rods pins, bars, plates, sheets, targets!

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what's molybdenum(Mo1,TZM,TZC) wires, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, studs, fasteners? where's titanium or tungsten targets,rods, bars, plates, sheets,rings,coils, strips, blocks supplier?

tungsten nut is a kind of special nuts, which is widely used in high temperature furnace by applying its high temperature resistance and high melting point. nut can be used in wide industries, such as automotive, compressors, construction machinery, wind power generation equipment, agricultural machinery, foundry industry, drilling equipment, shipbuilding industry, military, mining equipment, oil drilling rigs , utilities , rail transportation, transmission, metallurgical equipment and jack hammers.

we supply pure tungsten products: tungsten powder, slab, bars, rolling plate, sheet, rods, wire, crucible, boat, funnel and other special shape etc. tungsten alloy products: alloy wire, alloy rod,alloy crucible, and other special shape tungsten alloy etc. with the development of more sophisticated mill machinery and high rolling speeds, together with the demand for high quality wire and strip, the need for tungsten carbide as a roll material is growing.

solid tungsten carbide rolls have been extensively used in industry, for sheet metal production and, particularly, for the rolling of hard materials and thin strip, where the requirements for surface finish and accuracy are especially stringent. composite rolls with carbide rings are used for rolling narrow strip, strip edging, wire flat tending and shaped wire, where, again, accuracy and finish are paramount.

tungsten carbide is further used in turks head rolls to produce either square or rectangular wire from round wire with an exceptional degree of finish and accuracy. tungsten carbide wire straightening rolls are also used in conjunction with this equipment.

molybdenum wire is widely used in the construction of power tube grids and support structures that also require high temperature strength, low vapor pressure and low thermal expansion. molybdenum wire is also used in high temperature vacuum and hydrogen atmosphere furnaces to form resistance heating elements. molybdenum wire may also be used as a heat sink and support for tungsten lamp filaments in lighting applications.

tungsten metal is lustrous and silvery white in colour, and does not occur naturally. it is found in the ore wolframite, a tungstate of iron and manganese which is converted to the trioxide and then reduced to the metal by reduction in hydrogen . tungsten metal is relatively inert, resisting attack by oxygen, acids and alkalis, although it will react with fused, oxidising alkali media.

tungsten(WC) rings, rods rollers, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, studs, fasteners
tungsten(WC) rings, rods rollers, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, studs, fasteners

the high melting point of tungsten makes it suitable for use as electric filaments. it is also the basis of a range of alloys containing tungsten, copper and nickel which are used for radiation shielding as they provide a 50% increase in density compared to lead. tungsten and its alloys also find uses in military applications, as well as counter balance materials.

tungsten carbide powder along with nickel or cobalt powders, are compressed and sintered to produce cemented carbides. these products are used in place of high speed steel to form the tip of cutting and drilling tools, or for parts which will be subjected to heavy useage.

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