capillary tubes stainless steel,tantalum, niobium! precision hollow core rollers niobium, zirconium! needles and roller pins with hole manufacture!

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what's superfine capillary pipes (Pt,Ir,Ti,Ta,Nb,Zr,Cu) stainless steels? where's capillary tubes(niobium, zirconium,tantalum, niobium) supplier?

we can produce the smallest titanium capillary tube, outer diameter 0.2mm. platinum iridium ring as a developing tradition of quality development ring, has been widely used in the medical industry, our company developed the production of platinum-iridium ring outer diameter 0.2mm-8mm. used for a variety of minimally invasive surgery.

super high precision niobium zirconium(NbZr) capillary tube series: outer diameter 0.2-8mm, wall thickness 0.015-0.5mm. tolerance: diameter +/- 0.003mm, the wall thickness of +/- 0.005mm, the length of +/- 0.05mm. appearance: observed under the microscope, showing the inner and outer surface of the tube uniform metallic luster, had not oxidation, had not hydrogenated discoloration, had not scratched,had not deformed,had not glitches.

we supplied high precision hollow core needle rollers stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium capillary tube in china. product specifications are specifications OD 0.20mm to 8mm wall thickness of 0.04 mm to 2 mm.

niobium capillary tubes and pipes are in gray metal color with high strength and conductivity. they are used in steel, ceramics, electronics, nuclear energy and superconductors.

we can provide various needle rollers of series G2G3, cylindrical rollers of series ii, iii. all kinds of overall convex,revised end,variant-curvature rollers and needle rollers full according to customers requests.

the working section can be straight generatrix,overall crowned type, arc slope type,revised end type.specifications and sizes. revised end rollers

we professionally manufacture the cylindrical rollers and needle rollers of bearings,used for cars and motorcycles,textile machines etc.

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