silver electrical contacts rivets series(AgW,AgCu, CuW, AgWC, AgG, AgWCG, AgMo, AgNi, AgCdO, AgZn)! ,silver electrical contacts,silver rivets:silver tungsten carbide(AgWC), silver graphite(AgG), silver tungsten carbide graphite(AgWCG)!

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what's silver contacts rivets: silver tungsten(AgW), copper tungsten(CuW)? where's silver electrical contacts:silver copper(AgCu),silver molybdenum(AgMo) manufacturer? how to buy silver rivets:silver nickel(AgNi), silver cadmium oxide(AgCdO), silver tin oxide(AgZn)?

we manufacture silver contacts rivets series:such as silver tungsten(AgW), copper tungsten(CuW), silver tungsten carbide(AgWC), silver graphite(AgG), silver tungsten carbide graphite(AgWCG), silver molybdenum(AgMo), silver nickel(AgNi), silver cadmium oxide(AgCdO), silver tin oxide(AgZn), silver copper(AgCu) etc.

we are one of the best silver electrical contact rivet manufacturer in china,we specializes in bimetal silver contact rivets, the contact material including:Ag, AgSnO,AgSnO2ln2O₃, AgCdO, AgCu, AgZn, AgNi, AgC, AgC, AgWC, AgW, CuW, AgG, AgWCG, AgMo.

the silver electrical contact rivets are widely used for low voltage electric appliances,household appliances and industrial electronics,

we had developed electrician alloy products of outstanding electricity performance: high conductivity,low impedance,low temprature rise,high electricity life,high anti welding and fine machine finishing performance.

we mainly manufacture silver based electrical contact material, contact rivet and contact components. the products are also widely applied in microswitch,temperature controlled switch, wall switch,relay,contactor,automobile electric,each of the performance indexes the national standards.

silver rivets,silver contacts,silver electrical contacts rivets
materialcomposition(%)hardness(Hv)electrical conductivity(%IACS)density(g/cm3)
Ag99.85,Ni 0.1535~7510210.5
AgCuAg97.5, Cu2.570~1108910.3
Ag80, Cu2075~1258210.2
Ag75, Cu 24.5, Ni0.580~1307510.1
AgNiAg90, Ni1080~1009010.0
Ag90, Ni1080~1008810.0
Ag85, Ni1585~10589.9
AgSnO2Ag92, SnO2-870~1158510.0
Ag90, SnO2-1070~125839.9
AgSnO2In2O3Ag92, SnO2In2O3-870~1158010.0
Ag90, SnO2In2O3-1080~120510.0
Ag88, SnO2In2O3-1280~1257010.0
Ag89, SnO2In2O3-11110~1506010.0
Ag88, SnO2In2O3-12110~150589.9
AgZnAg91, ZnO970~110789.6
AgCdOAg90, CdO1070~1058510.2
Ag88, CdO1270~1108510.2
Ag86, CdO1475~1158010.0
Ag85, CdO1578~1187810.0
Ag84, CdO1680~1207510.0
silver rivets,silver electrical contacts,silver contacts rivets,silver electrical contacts rivets
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