silicon nitride(Si3N4) cylindrical rollers,balls valves,shafts, bearings! ceramic SiN, nozzles, cam followers, dowels, pins,rings, rods,tubes! silicon nitride(Si3N4) or silicon carbide(SiC) parts manufacture!

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where's ceramics Si3N4, SiN,SiC, nozzles, cam followers, dowels, pins,rings, rods,tubes supplier? how to buy silicon nitride(Si3N4) cylindrical rollers,balls valves,shafts, bearings?

silicon nitride is a high strength, lightweight ceramic material. silicon nitride cylindrical rollers are engineered as low noise, low friction replacements for steel bearings in high stress applications race car gearboxes and machine tool spindle etc.

reaction bonded silicon nitride is made by direct nitridation of a compacted silicon powder, and because of the difficulty of ensuring complete reaction; it is hard to achieve a high component density. silicon nitride materials better physical properties and means they are used in more demanding applications at very high wearing including electrical insulating properties, chemical resistance, high temperature and corrosion resistance especially for non-ferrous molten metal handling parts.

silicon nitride ball bearing components offer high strength and reliability in hybrid ball bearing applications. silicon nitride bearing components are produced at fully dedicated manufacturing plants using high-volume, precision manufacturing and machining techniques

silicon nitride(Si3N4) is a technical ceramic material with high performance that is extremely hard and has high thermal shock and impact resistance at both room and high temperatures. the material is an electrical insulator and is resistant to attack by many molten metals. it can be polished to a very smooth reflective surface. silicon nitride materials have been developed for automotive engine wear parts, such as valves and cam followers, and bearing. thermal shock resistance and high fracture toughness. these properties make silicon nitride a good material choice for demanding applications in a variety of industries, including foundries, electronics, oil and gas, automotive and aerospace.

one of the major applications of silicon nitride is in the automotive industry in the manufacture of engine parts. in diesel engines, silicon nitride glow plugs promote faster start-up, pre-combustion chambers contribute to lower emissions, faster start up and lower noise and in turbochargers, silicon nitride helps to reduce engine lag and petrol engines silicon nitride is used for rocker arm pads for lower wear and in exhaust gas control valves, increased acceleration is achieved by the materials use. it is currently estimated that more than 300,000 sintered silicon nitride turbochargers are made annually!

silicon nitride(Si3N4) rollers,balls valves,shafts, bearings,nozzles, dowels, pins,rings, rods,tubes
density (g/cm^3)3.2
colordark grey
water absorption (%)0
elastic modulus(GPa)290
poisson's ratio0.25
vickers hardness(GPa)14
compressive strength (MPa)2500
flexural strength(MPa)650
thermal expansion (ppm/k)3.3
thermal conductivity(W/m/K)25
upper working temperature(C)1000
volume resistivity (ohm-cm)10^14
dielectric constant(1 KHz)8.2
dielectric strength (kV/mm)16
silicon nitride(Si3N4) rollers,balls valves,shafts, bearings,nozzles, dowels, pins,rings, rods,tubes
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