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what's hardened ejector pins ? where's mold(die) knockout pins manufacturer? how to buy stainless steel(metric) ejector pins?

ejector pins are placed into the b-side of an injection mould, or the side in which the final product will remain when the mould is opened, to prevent the final product from adhering to the sides of a mould cavity. the chances of this occurring depend on a number of factors, including the size, shape, depth, and curvature of the mould being used.

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ejector pins, also known as knockout pins, are used in the engineering industry for injection moulding and die casting. they are one of the most cost effective methods of removal and used to assist in ejection of the final cast product from a cavity. occasionally, the force applied by an ejector pin can cause damage to the final product.

the resin used to create the final product is also a factor, as some resins are sticker than others, while other resins are softer and require a thicker ejector pin to be used to safely remove the product with as little damage as possible. we ensure the superior quality and design of every product we provide.

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