precision mold(die) punch pins, roll pin tungsten punches supplier! nitrided ejector pins, stainless steel(metric) punch pins in china!

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what's hardened core pins,punch registration pins ? where's mold(die) tungsten punch pins manufacturer? how to buy stainless steel(metric) bevel head punches?

economical, punch used by tool, die and mold manufacturing. can be used as perforators, punches, knock-out pins, gauge pins, ejector and core pins.

our comprehensive and ever-expanding catalog reflects our steadfast commitment to listening to our customers needs. we offer an extensive line of ground perforators, close space punches, punch blanks, stepped punches, ejector punches, pilot punches, bevel-headed punches, core pins, mold pins, nitrided ejector pins , precision die buttons, tool blanks, sleeves, and miniature tools and components. in addition, manufacturers worldwide rely on our unmatched custom capabilities..

using our state-of-the-art production equipment, our experienced team of engineers and highly skilled machinist assure built-in quality control and personalized service each step of the way. whether just one off component or the most demanding high-volume production, we insist on precision and perfection in each punch, die, blank, or pin we manufacturer.

all precision punch products are created to meet the most rigorous national and international specifications and certifications. from the simplest dowel pins to the most complex core pins, we have the engineering experience and production capabilities for virtually any configuration.

precision punch continues to set the standard for the highest caliber of perfection for mold making, stamping, and cold heading. a sampling of the diverse industries we serve includes: eyelet and injection molding manufacturers; industrial and electronic manufacturers; medical, pharmaceutical, surgical, and dental manufacturers; automotive and aircraft manufacturers; and military and civilian munitions manufacturers.

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