connector guide pins or bushings,drilled or tapped guide dowels supplier! drive pins,ball bearing guide pins, punch die pins, shear pins, grooved rollers,in china!

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what's drive pins,threaded(press fit) guide pins,caliper guide rollers manufacturer? where's punch pins, plain (straight, flanged, shoulder, slotted) guide pins supplier?

contact us for your guide pins: ball bearing guide pins , press fit guide pins, removable guide pins ,plain guide pins, straight guide pins ,flanged guide pins , shoulder guide pins ,slotted guide pins,drilled or tapped guide pins , drill and tap guide pins, microne plated guide pins in precision and commercial tolerances in metric and inch sizes.

centers points ensure the accuracy of a face driver. made from the highest quality steels and through hardened. center points ensures proper centering with the high accuracy. available in multiple sizes for different center hole configurations and can be spring loaded, or fixed in a face driver ensuring the proper datum for your workpiece.

we offer the following and more: mold components, guide pins, ejector pins, pins and bushings, injection mold components, die components, precision pins, mould components, ejector blades, ejector sleeves, pin mold tooling pins, metric ejector pins, mold ejector pins, industry leader in guide pins, pins and bushings and injection mold components.

maintaining the centerline throughout strict manufacturing process their live centers ultimately hold true referring to our slogan meaning accuracy is life for longer lasting live centers. designed with tight tolerances especially for clamping with face drivers and for grinding applications that require the highest accuracy needed, live centers is the best choice available.

we manufacture all types of guide pins and many other mold components such as pins and bushings, ejector pins, ejector sleeves, guide pins, and much more. these components are used in many different industries

such as medical, aerospace, military, and electronics. core pins are used in a variety of different applications such as plastic and rubber molding. a core pin is a precision component that can vary greatly in complexity and design.

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