zirconium oxide(ZrO2) cylindrical rollers,balls valves,shafts, bearings! ceramic ZrO2, nozzles, cam followers, dowels, pins,rings, rods,tubes! zirconium oxide(ZrO2) or aluminium oxide(Al3O2) parts manufacture!

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where's ceramics ZrO2, Al3O2, nozzles, cam followers, dowels, pins,rings, rods,tubes supplier? how to buy zirconium oxide(ZrO2) cylindrical rollers,balls valves,shafts, bearings?

ceramic balls have excellent resistance to wear and seizure, they offer solutions for high temperature environments high rigidity, light weight and are non magnetic with insulating properties. applications of zirconium oxide include high speed spindle bearings, solenoid valves, down hole pumps, vacuum equipment, gas monitoring devices and turbo chargers.

new bearing materials and innovative bearings made of ceramic have a more than anything else, the use of conventional anti-friction bearings is limited by corrosion and temperature resistance. if entirely lubricant free operation is demanded as well, a completely new approach to bearing design is essential.

hybrid and ceramic roller bearings hybrid and ceramic anti-friction bearings use silicon nitride ceramic as the material for the highly-stressed roller bearing components, ensuring exceptional properties for the structural parts and opening up new applications. the material substitution in the hybrid roller bearing, which is equipped with roller elements made of very light silicon nitride, results in bearings with excellent fast running behaviour.

silicon nitride has only about 40% the density of steel, giving it immediate advantages for spindle bearings with high rotational-speed specifications. reduced centrifugal forces allow fast-running, hybrid spindle bearings to run with less friction and heating than conventional bearings. for especially stringent requirements with respect to corrosion and low-temperature resistance, there are also hybrid roller bearings with rings made of the corrosion-resistant

zirconium oxide(ZrO2) rollers,balls valves,shafts, bearings,nozzles, dowels, pins,rings, rods,tubes
density (g/cm^3)6.0
water absorption (%)0
elastic modulus(GPa)210
poisson's ratio0.23
vickers hardness(GPa)12
compressive strength (MPa)2000
flexural strength(MPa)1000
thermal expansion (ppm/k)11
thermal conductivity(W/m/K)2.2
upper working temperature(C)24000
volume resistivity (ohm-cm)10^11
dielectric constant(1 KHz)20
dielectric strength (kV/mm)9
zirconium oxide(ZrO2) rollers,balls valves,shafts, bearings,nozzles, dowels, pins,rings, rods,tubes

zirconia ceramic is a ceramic material consisting of at least 90% of zirconium dioxide has the highest strength and toughness at room temperature of all advanced ceramic materials. the fine grain size allows the ceramic components for extremely smooth surfaces and sharp edges. unlike other ceramic materials,

zirconia is a material with very high resistance to crack propagation. it has very high thermal expansion and can be joined to steel. zirconium oxide is one of the most well known engineering ceramics and is referred to as zirconia. it is superior mechanical strength and fracture toughness than aluminum oxide.

we provide a wide range of ceramic ball options across a variety of sizes. material options include silicon nitride , zirconia and silicon carbide . zirconium oxide has excellent fracture toughness. and the stabilized zirconia is used in oxygen sensors and fuel cell membranes because it has the ability to allow oxygen ions to move freely through the crystal structure at high temperatures. the other properties are extremely refractory, low thermal conductivity, chemical inertness, resistance to molten metals etc.

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