molybdenum(Mo1,TZM,TZC) wires, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, studs, fasteners manufacture tungsten rings,coils, strips, rollers, blocks! titanium rods pins, bars, plates, sheets, targets!

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what's molybdenum(Mo1,TZM,TZC) wires, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, studs, fasteners? where's titanium or tungsten targets,rods, bars, plates, sheets,rings,coils, strips, blocks supplier?

molybdenum wire is used in a broad range of applications in many industries. mandrels for making tungsten filaments along with leads, filament supports, and seals are among a few. in addition we supply a wide range of high purity wires including gold, silver and platinum for a wide range of uses including gasket fabrication and sputter coating. call with your specifications for a price quotation

molybdenum bolts possesses a very high melting point, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a high level of thermal conductivity. because molybdenum bolts have the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures without changing shape, expanding or softening significantly, they are ideal for high strength temperature applications that are shielded from oxygen..

our molybdenum nuts are available in both inch and metric sizing. we output products in many sizes and shapes and offer one day shipping policy. the most popular shape is hex. we manufactures molybdenum nuts with high density, high purity and accurate dimension. we can produce molybdenum nuts according to the customer drawing.

molybdenum wire is widely used in the construction of power tube grids and support structures that also require high temperature strength, low vapor pressure and low thermal expansion. molybdenum wire is also used in high temperature vacuum and hydrogen atmosphere furnaces to form resistance heating elements. molybdenum wire may also be used as a heat sink and support for tungsten lamp filaments in lighting applications.

scientific instrument services supplies a wide range of resistance type wires for the repair and manufacture of filaments and heaters for mass spectrometers, scientific instruments. wires such as rhenium, tungsten, platinum, and tantalum are often used for these applications. thermocouple wires such as alumel, chromel, constantan and iron can be used to manufacture your own thermocouples.

molybdenum pins are used for manufacturing halogen automotive lamps, as sealed lead-wire through hard-glass. the molybdenum pins are doped molybdenum wires. the arc height of a wire sample of 200mm length, located on a glass plate, can be not greater relative to the imaginary string than 20mm. the pins have a very smooth and bright surface and the surface free of stain, dirt, oxides, drawing tracks, scratches and damages.

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