precision needle(cylindrical) rollers or steel(valve,440C,WC) balls supplier! dowel(drive,guide,grooved,punch,ejector,parallel) pins, medical needles in china!

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what's dowel(drive, guide, grooved, punch, ejector, parallel) pins, medical needles ? where's needle(cylindrical) rollers or steel (valve,440C,WC) ball manufacturers? how to buy needle rolles or pins?

We are professional in producing medical needles and capillary tubes, cylindrical rollers pins(carbide, stainless, chrome) steel balls we have extensive experience of designing and producing precision parts.

needle rollers of only one sort should be used in one bearing arrangement. One pack contains needle rollers of one sort only. In a delivery comprising several packs, the sort may differ from one pack to another.

we are also supply of CNC precision parts. the CNC fabrication process offers flexible manufacturing runs without high capital expenditure dies and metal stamping presses. The computer controlled the turrets lead screws in the X and Y direction. Alternatively, the workpiece can move relative to the fixed turret and also can travel on the lead screws.

loose needle rollers and needle bearings are used in a wide range of applications including transmissions, engines, transfer cases, universal joints, starter drives, pumps, torque converters, compressors, cam followers, timer motors and others. needle roller bearings services a wide variety of automotive markets including automobiles, light truck, heavy truck, agricultural vehicles, and industrial construction machinery.

our machining parts are used in automobile industrial,including couplings, auto parts, auto part, shafts, bolts, sleeves, piston pins, bushings, idling control valve adjusting head, conduits and fittings in automobile and motorcycle general gasoline valve, auto parts, auto part, shaft coupling, bolt, flange sleeve, forging part, piston pin, piston plug, thread bushing, adjusting head, idling control valve adjusting head, valve conduit, angle fitting etc. the involved materials are steel, brass.

such is the standard that precision parts engineering is committed to, that present and future clients will get strict adherence to production schedules and a philosophy that continually strives to reduce manufacturing costs and lead times, and to give more added value.

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